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how to reach Manali
How to reach Manali

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Manali, nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, is a stunning destination. It captures the essence of natural beauty, adventure, and peace. The town's stunning landscapes, lush valleys, and myriad of activities make it a haven for tourists. To help you embark on your journey to this Himalayan heaven, here's a guide. With its help you may further explore the various transport options available in Manali. Above all, It will provide you with valuable insights on how to reach Manali.

By Air Landing at Bhuntar Airport

Before you embark on journey to Manali, you need to decide which airport to fly into. The nearest Indian airport to Manali is Bhuntar Airport. It is also known as Kullu Manali Airport (IATA KUU). It's settled about 50kms away from here and is well linked to major Indian cities. Further, some common flight routes to Bhuntar Airport include Delhi, Chandigarh, and Shimla.

Book Your Flight

Once you have decided on your departure city and date, the next step is booking flight. You can choose from various airlines that operate daily flights to Bhuntar Airport. Major carriers for example Air India, SpiceJet, and IndiGo offer easy options for tourists.

It's better to book your flight well in advance, mainly during the peak tourist season. The peak tourist season falls between May and October. During this time, the demand for flights to Bhuntar Airport is high. Therefore, securing your seats early can help you avoid last minute price spikes. Above all, it make sure that you have a smooth journey.

Arriving at Bhuntar Airport

After arriving at Bhuntar Airport, You will be greeted by stunning views of the Himalayan landscape. Despite being a relatively small airport, Bhuntar offers basic facilities. They are for example a baggage claim area, car rental services, and a small cafe. You have to firstly take your luggage and clear the airport formalities. After that, you are ready to embark on the next leg of your journey.

By Road Scenic Drives to Manali

Manali, is a scenic town cradled in the Himalayan mountains. It beckons tourists with its serene beauty and adventure filled landscapes. However, there are multiple ways to reach this charming region. Embarking on a road journey to Manali is an experience in itself. That offers stunning vistas and a chance to explore the stunning landscapes of Himachal Pradesh. In this blog post, we'll further guide you through the steps to reach Manali by road.

Plan Your Route

Before you set out on your road adventure to Manali, it's essential to plan your route. Manali is reachable by road from various major cities of India, for example Delhi, Chandigarh, Shimla. Depending on your location and choices, you can choose from the following routes.

1: Delhi to Manali

This is the most famous route, covering a distance of about 550 kms. The journey mainly takes around 12 14 hours. That further depends on the road conditions and traffic.

2: Chandigarh to Manali

This route is shorter and covers about 300 kms. It further takes around 8 10 hours to reach Manali.

3: Shimla to Manali

If you are already in Shimla, you can opt for this route. It further spans around 250 kms and takes about 7 8 hours.

Traveling by Bus

Traveling by bus to Manali is a easy and budget friendly option. Above all, various govt and private bus operators further offers daily services. Here is how to do it.

Booking Tickets

You can book your bus tickets online through various travel portals. Further, you can purchase them directly at the bus terminal also. There are both standard and Volvo luxury buses there. The latter meanwhile offers a more comfortable journey.

Departure Points

In Delhi, bus stands for example Kashmere Gate and Majnu Ka Tila offers buses for Manali. From Chandigarh, the Inter State Bus Terminus (ISBT) is the main departure point. Buses also operate from Shimla, if you are coming from that direction.

Journey Experience

The bus journey to Manali is an adventure in itself, with charming views of Himalayan terrain. Further, be ready for winding mountain roads and occasional traffic delays. Make sure to carry some snacks, water, and fun things to pass the time.

Arrival in Manali

Buses mainly drop you off at the Manali Bus Stand, in the heart of the town. After that, you can easily find conveyance to your stay or explore the nearby on foot.

Traveling by Car

Traveling to Manali by car allows you greater ease and control over your journey. Here is how to further do it.

Vehicle Preparation

Ensure your car is in good condition and has been serviced recently. Further, check tires, brakes, engine, and other needed parts.


Equip yourself with GPS navigation or paper maps. Plan your route in advance and check for road conditions. Also check for potential blocks, mainly during the winter months.

Driving Tips

Be ready for changing road conditions, for example steep and winding mountain roads. Above all, drive with care and always follow road safety rules.

Scenic Stops

Along the way, take breaks to enjoy the scenic beauty. There are various charming towns and rural regions. You can meanwhile stop there for refreshments and local cuisine.

Arrival in Manali

Once you arrive in Manali, You will find a range of staying options. They are from lavish resorts to budget friendly guest houses. It's better to book your stay in advance, mainly during the peak tourist season. It further falls between May and October.

By Train The Nearest Railway Stations

Manali, with its pristine landscapes, majestic mountains, and serene atmosphere, is a dream destination for tourists. However, it is a famous choice to reach Manali by road or air. But, you can also embark on a scenic train journey to this Himalayan haven. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the steps to reach Manali by train. That further mixes the comfort of rail travel with the allure of the mountains.

Choose Your Nearest Railway Station

Manali doesn't have its own railway station, so the closest train station is Joginder Nagar. Joginder Nagar is well connected to major Indian cities for example Delhi and Chandigarh. You have to just take a mix of train and road travel. The most common route is to take a train to Pathankot or Chandigarh. After that, you can continue by road to Joginder Nagar.

Traveling to Manali from Joginder Nagar

Once you reach Joginder Nagar, you are about 150 kms away from Manali. After that, you can continue your journey by road using the given options.

1: Bus

You can take a Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) bus from Joginder Nagar to Manali. The journey by bus takes about 6 7 hours, with stops along the way. That further allows you to take in the scenic beauty of Himachal Pradesh.

2: Taxi or Private Cab

Hiring a taxi or a private cab is a more comfortable and easy option. This allows you to travel at your own pace. Meanwhile, you can make stops along the way for sightseeing or refreshments.

3: Shared Taxis

If you are touring on a budget, you can opt for shared taxis. They further accommodate multiple passengers and can be a more cheaper choice.


Manali, contains pristine natural beauty, diverse landscapes, and vibrant culture. That makes it a must visit for seeking an escape from the chaos of urban life. Above all, you may choose to fly, drive, or take a bus or train. The journey to Manali is an adventure in itself. Equipped with this comprehensive guide, You will be well prepared for your journey. That will further take you to the charming town of Manali. Meanwhile, ensure that you can make the most of your time in this Himalayan heaven.

So, pack your bags, plan your schedule, and embark on an enjoyable journey to Manali. Moreover, it's a journey that will leave an indelible mark on your heart.

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